A few years back, I was a product marketing manager at a startup, and our approach to product development and marketing went like this: build things we thought we could sell, and then push people to buy. Honestly, it was more of a guessing game than a cohesive plan, and as a result, real progress was extremely slow. Sure we were busy doing a lot of things, but at the end of the day, the burning question remained. Will any of it actually make a difference?

Weeks of frustration and a looming pressure to deliver results left me tossing through many sleepless nights. Maybe you can relate?

Eventually, I realized the guessing game wasn’t the answer, and shouting louder wasn’t going to work either. If we wanted customers to buy, we needed to fundamentally re-think our approach to how we design a business. Have you ever wondered:

  • Which features truly matter to customers?
  • Why aren’t more people buying and signing up?
  • What do customers actually care about?
  • How to clarify what your brand is saying so people engage?
  • Is our product actually making a difference, or are we just selling snake oil to suckers?

I knew enough to know I needed something different. I want my work to matter, and I wanted our products to solve real problems. I needed a clear vision and a map I could follow.

This realization led me to user experience design, which means getting your customers involved in the design process. What I learned was so powerful, so game changing, I left my job in marketing to study UX design, customer validation, and lean principles. I learned from the experts how to:

  • Align business strategy with the actual needs of customers
  • Craft messaging that instantly connects with customers
  • Create a roadmap to get you where you want to go

Along the way, I found the tools to marry with my motivation. My vision is to help business build things people want, instead of trying to make people want things they build.

If you’re tired of playing the guessing game, let’s talk.