UX Design for an eCommerce Redesign

In 2017 Simms Fishing needed to simplify and streamline multiple legacy eCommerce platforms that were expensive to maintain and update.

Simms selected Magento 2 as the preferred platform and required:

  1. A customer experience that was on par with other premium outdoor apparel brands.
  2. A foundation to support a wide variety of products, offers, promotions, and content.

I led the user experience design.

Home Page


Waterfall Design

Working backward from a fixed launch date meant design was centered around development estimates. The time to create the designs was the time left over.

Once each drop was designed and approved, the engineering team began the implementation.


Who are we designing for?

I reviewed existing qualitative and quantitative research data including hundreds of product reviews to glean insights into what was important to customers.

In a feature driven project, proto-personas helped the team stay focused on users.

User flows helped us keep perspective. Each design was part of a journey and should be evaluated within that context.

A persona matrix helped us visualize how and why each persona would interact with the website.


A Scaleable Website Architecture

Starting fresh with Magento 2 allowed us to redefine the structure of the site while planning for future product expansion.

Re-thinking the sitemap


Modular Design & Templates

I designed hundreds of modular wireframes that would support user and business goals. Additionally, this approach was ideal for the development team that worked in sprints.

Category Page

Campaign Landing Page

Order Details

Pro Angler Profile